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Pastor Howard Richmond, an anointed man of God, is Senior Pastor, founder and President of Life Reach Ministries (LRM) Worldwide. Life Reach Ministries is a non - denominational church attended by worshipers of all faiths, nationalities, backgrounds and cultures. Pastor Richmond was called by God in 1990, and he stepped out in faith in 1994, which led him into the full time ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Having accepted his mission of teaching The Word, Pastor Richmond began his march of faith with only the most limited of resources and virtually no funding accompanied only with his love of God and the Holy Spirit to fuel his vision.


Faced with a lack of funds to start his ministry, Pastor Richmond instead used his own home in Chicago to begin the Church, and thus began and held the first services of Life Reach Ministry. From these humble beginnings a strong and purposeful church and congregation began to emerge. As word spread about this anointed man of God teaching the Word of God, Life Reach Ministry quickly outgrew it's home, and space was acquired for the church at the old Sears building in Chicago.


Eventually the church leased a building on Roosevelt Road in Chicago that required extensive renovation, but with the love of God, hard work and the support and dedication of the Pastor and the congregation, this building served the ministry well until the growth of the church made it necessary for the church to move again, this time to Aurora, Illinois.


Before Pastor Richmond received his calling and started Life Reach Ministries, significant events occurred which have helped shape and drive the direction of the church.


In College Park, Georgia, the Pastor studied the Gospel, developed his relationship with the Holy Spirit and served the Lord under the leadership of Pastor Creflo A. Dollar and Pastor Taffi Dollar at World International Church in the 1990's. Shortly after his studies, Pastor Richmond and Debra Richmond were married and together forged mutual thoughts, strengths and love into the new Ministry. Pastor Debra Richmond became ordained by God in October 2001, and together the Pastors are leading Life Reach Ministries Worldwide into the new millennium.


Today, Pastor Richmond is reaching millions of people through Life Reach Ministries Worldwide utilizing TV broadcasts, teachings, audio and video tapes, CD's and DVD's, as well as scheduled church services, conferences, and on the world wide web.


The future promises to be exciting for Life Reach Ministries Worldwide, as Pastor Richmond's vision is becoming a reality. We will be seeing a number of programs for under privileged and low-income families, greater availability of the Pastor's teachings

Howard Richmond, Sr. Pastor
Life Reach Ministries

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